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Accessibility is a journey

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  • Morning Maker Show@morningmakersho

    This is one of the best a11y tools out there. The best part is how incredibly fast it is. 11/10!

  • Pete The SEO Wizard@hakukonevelhot

    I love how A11YBoost not only identifies issues but also provides clear guidance on how to fix them. It's like having an accessibility expert on the team!

  • John McTavish@John__McT

    Lovely tool to check sites and learn more about accessibility! Charlie's a total expert and helps people with sites of all sizes improve.

Simple services

Single Page Audit

  • Instant automated report for 1 page
  • 100+ accessibility tests
  • Understand your conformance state
  • Lifetime access to all report recommendation updates
  • FREE retest with no time limit
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Single Page Audit + Roast (Popular)

  • All benefits of Single Page Audit
  • 15-minute video roast by an expert
  • Roast includes actionable advice, tips, and best practices
  • Private OR public with dofollow link
  • FREE retest with no time limit
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Full-Service Audit & Remediation

  • Achieve complete WCAG2.2 Conformance
  • Manual testing by qualified experts
  • Remediation assistance from our team
  • Complete accessibility support package
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Frequently Asked Questions

A11Y Boost is a comprehensive automated accessibility report that helps websites improve their accessibility by running over 100 tests and providing a clear understanding of current accessibility conformance.
Simply enter your website URL, and A11Y Boost will scan your site, identify accessibility issues, and provide a detailed report. You can then use the report to fix the issues and improve your website's accessibility.
Web accessibility ensures that people with disabilities can use websites effectively. It improves user experience for everyone, enhances SEO, and helps comply with legal requirements.
Audits are completed in seconds, not weeks. Providing you with quick insights into your website's accessibility.
No, A11Y Boost is designed for users of all technical levels.