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Automated monitoring and reports to improve your website's accessibility, performance, ux, design and seo.


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Accessibility that's actually accessible

One simple dashboard to discover, manage and fix your accessibility issues with instant and automated reports.

Ensure website accessibility with an expanding automated report

Using our automated report tool, you can ensure you are aware of any accessibility issues and performance barriers before they impact your website. The detailed website accessibility report ensures stakeholders understand what issues to fix and why.

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Not just a simple test

Boost your accessibility in minutes:

Instant Reports

Instant detailed accessibility reports covering what the key issues are, why they matter and how to fix them.

Straight To Your Inbox

Get daily or weekly accessibility reports straight to your inbox. Automated, simple monitoring for your domain.

Analytics History

Understand how your website's access to customers and search engines improves over time with analytics of report history.

5 Areas

Tests cover not just core accessibility issues but also categorise issues into categories such as performance, ux, design and seo.

AI-Driven, Human-Centric

A11yBoost's website report tool uses a unique blend of AI testing, traditional testing and human expertise to deliver results.

Expanding Test Suite

With 5 categories A11YBoost's accessibility report conducts 25+ tests with more updated regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common inquiries about A11yBoost

  • What areas does the audit cover?

    Currently 25+ tests are conducted across five key areas - accessibility, performance, ux, design and seo - these cover many elements such as titles, semantic HTML, meta descriptions, render times and more...

  • Who is the report aimed at?

    The website report can be understood by a variety of stakeholders - Product Owners, Developers, Designers and Solo Founders

  • How is the testing conducted?

    Simply add the page you want tested and an automated report will be generated within seconds. Your website is visited in real-time so updates reflect instantly.

Accessibility is a journey

These folks reckon it's easier with A11YBoost

Nolan Makatche

Really useful tool. Found a couple issues with my site that I had no idea existed, so I really appreciate it. Time to fix some things and raise that score up!

Dan ⚡️

this is so cool! I am trying to find that missing heading... Long live A11yAuditing 🙇‍♂️

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